Fair Dates Monday September 4th, through Saturday September 9th, 2017

Rules, Regulations & Information

1. Competition open to the world unless otherwise specified.

2. The Fairgrounds will be open to the public on Monday, September 4th and closes Saturday September, 9th 2017.

3. No disorderly conduct of any kind will be permitted. A police force sufficient to preserve order and enforce the Rules will be on the grounds at all times.

4. Persons trespassing on the grounds, climbing over the fence or otherwise fraudulently gaining admission, will be arrested and prosecuted.

5. No animals will be permitted to run at large upon the grounds.

6. Every animal and article for exhibition shall be under the control of the Fair Association and while every precaution will be taken for the safekeeping of the same, the Fair Association will in no case be responsible for any loss, damage or accident that may occur.

7. No entry fee on Junior Livestock Shows.

8. All animals must be entered by their right names, and in the names of their owners or agents. The Secretary will not give information concerning entries to parties not entitled to such information, nor will she allow entry books to be seen before exhibition.

9. It is understood that all participants in any contest sponsored by the Fair Association is entered into the contest at their own risk and the Fair Association is not responsible for any injury to any person while participating in any contest sponsored by this Fair Association.

10. The order or exhibition shall be provided in the program, which order must not be deviated from unless absolutely necessary and in such cases, proper notices must be given all parties concerned.

11. Animals not ready for exhibition at the proper time and place, will be ruled out of the competition.

12. Exhibitors are requested to see that all ring personnel are neatly dressed when they lead the animals into the show rings.

13. The superintendent or managers of the respective departments of the Fair Association shall have supervision and control of all exhibits or exhibitions.

14. No barren animal shall be exhibited in the breeding class and any blemished animal shall be subject to discount by the Judge.

15. Any person or persons exhibiting animals or articles, and who publicly express disapproval, in the area or on the grounds, of the decision of the Judges, or who by act or interference shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming an exhibitor, shall not be permitted to compete again for premiums at any Fair of this Fair Association.

16. No one shall be Chairman of a committee unless a stockholder.

17. No PA systems allowed in concession stands.

17b. Directors and employees of the Sumner County Fair are not eligible to win any giveaway money.

Rates of Admission General Admission To Grounds Only

18. Children under eight(8) free admission at all times. General Admission $5.00 daily. Box Seats of four (4) chairs, sold in advance, good for five (5) days and five (5) nights in Lower Grandstand - $20.00. Box seats of four (4) chairs, sold in advance, good for five (5) nights in Upper Grandstand - $15.00. Chairs can be purchased on the grounds for use around the show ring good for one (1) day and one (1) night - $1.00 each.

19. Only recognized Charity Organizations will be allowed to sell chances for any drawing On Fairgrounds property, and permission must be granted by the Secretary. This rule was passed by the Board of Directors May 21, 1958, for the welfare of the public.

20. All privilege and concession people, together with their employees, assistants and helpers, must obey the rules or other special regulations of the Fair Association, and refusal or neglect to do so will forfeit any rights they may have had by virtue of such privilege or concession.

21. All property, fixtures, merchandise, etc., the property of privilege and concession people, will be taken into the grounds at their own risk and kept in such places as they themselves provide or agree to and the Fair Association will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft or failure to perform its part of the contract should any officer of the law seize, stop or prevent the party from operating or doing business on the grounds of the Fair Association.

22. This Association reserves the right to refuse or allow any party or article, or game to operate or do business should they become objectionable.

23. No person shall enter the show ring to exhibit his own stock or any stock he may be interested in, except as driver, rider or groom, and violation of this rule shall forfeit the rights of the premiums.

24. All entries must be made before the time of each class to be called and entrance fee, if any, paid at the Secretary’s Office.

25. If an exhibitor enters or causes to be entered, or his agent enters or causes to be entered, any animal or article which is not entitled under the rules, or otherwise to enter, or who shall in any way attempt to interfere with the judges or officers in the discharge of their duties, shall be excluded from competition.

26. In determining eligibility of entries in any class where there is an age qualification, the last birthday shall govern in computing age.

Absolutely NO Automobiles Allowed Inside Admission Gate on Friday and Saturday Nights Except Fair Officials.

No Animals Except Service Animals inside Fair Grounds


27. Those in charge of different departments shall select the Judge or Judges for the department.

28. No person, except the judges on duty and the officers of the Fair Association, will be allowed inside the show ring while the exhibition or judging is in process.

29. Any objection to a ruling must be in writing to the Superintendent in charge, the objection to be fully stated and signed by the party making the objection.

30. The judge may demand proof of age on any animal where doubt exists and awards of premiums will be withheld until satisfactory proof of age is given.

31. Judges will only award premiums to animals or articles which are entered in their respective classes.

32. Judges in classes where qualifications and breeding are to be regarded when not satisfied as to eligibility, may demand certificates of registration, written statement or affidavit as to same.

33. When an animal is shown in a class in which it is not eligible, the Judge shall so declare, and the Superintendent shall dismiss the animal, giving the reason.

34. Judges will be required to make written reports of awards on entry blanks furnished by the Secretary, and are requested to hand in their reports to the Superintendent as soon as decisions are made. All reports must be made as full and specific as information and circumstances will permit.


35. All protests must be made in writing to the Superintendent and must state fully and specifically upon what grounds the protest is made, and accompanied by a fee of $10.00, otherwise it will not be considered. In case the protest is sustained, the fee will be refunded, otherwise to become the property of the Fair Association.

36. All animals exhibited must be controlled by halter or otherwise.


The General Assembly of the State of Tennessee realizing the educational value of agricultural fairs in the State, appropriated money to be allocated by the State Department of Agriculture to the fair associations of the State to supplement premiums paid for agricultural exhibits, namely livestock, poultry, dairy products, junior agricultural projects, women’s work, and other educational agricultural exhibits. This Fair has been allocated its pro rata share of the state aid appropriation.

For the purpose of further encouraging fairs to excel in their usefulness to their respective areas, a merit award provision was also made in the appropriation. It is hoped that the Sumner County Fair can have an exhibition sufficiently creditable to warrant it’s receiving one of the special merit awards in addition to its allotment of state aid.

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